Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Two Kingdoms Excursus - Romanism!!!

Providentially after reviewing the Frame critique of Rev. Jason Stelleman, Stelleman appears to have gone apostate and gone back to Rome.

First, no matter what one's position on Two Kingdoms, we ought to be able to mourn together, pray for the man and his family to repent, and pray for the church that just had their pastor go back to Rome.

Second, some interesting thoughts are coming out on this.  The best of which so far is (not surprisingly) Carl Trueman.  Trueman makes some excellent points.  His main idea is one about high-churchism and putting church before the gospel.  He does not directly state it is a probably with the Two Kingdom view, but they are pretty big on church.  In fact, it is one of their critiques of the Transformationalists that the church is minimized.  Trueman is right if church is elevated above gospel then Rome seems like the best place because they have long ago elevated their church above the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Of course Doug Wilson argues that the problem is the 'TR' view of Sola Fide and then goes into the Federal Vision rants.  And Wilson has a point if you don't really believe in Sola Fide and want works as part of your salvation then the Federal Vision can give you that.  Just like Rome.

Which ultimately is my point here, neither Two Kingdoms nor Transformationalism necessarily lead to Rome.  However, both sides can lead to Rome.  If Two Kingdoms men lift church so high as to lose sight of the gospel, as Trueman suggests, then Rome is the next logical step.  If Transformationalists lift cultural change up so high they lose sight of the gospel, they will begin to include works as part of the basis of salvation, and Rome is their next logical step.

Stelleman's admission here will surely launch a bunch of attacks on the 2K theology as leading to Rome.  After all the 2K guys have said it about the Transforamtionalists as they lost men to Rome.  Instead, both sides need to realize the enemy is not each other, but Rome.  Rome and her false gospel and seductive words have just stolen a man.  Or rather he has left us to show he was not of us.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, very sobering. Carl Trueman's warning about shifting away -- for any cause, even good and true causes -- from the centrality of Christ and him crucified seems to be well taken -- http://www.reformation21.org/blog/2012/06/thoughts-on-an-impending-conve.php