Friday, February 25, 2005


I normally don’t venture into the realm of world politics because so many other blogs out there are better at politics than I am. But, I thought I would share my thoughts on European Union probably lifting of the embargo on arms sales to China. This is a monumental shift in the thinking of the entire world. I don’t think that his can get enough press. This decision is not just reflective the politics of power, but of a new religious mindset that controls the world.

Western Europe formed NATO with America in order to combat the Communistic threat of Russia, China, and Eastern Europe. This was not just a military strategy. It was a common denunciation of communism as evil. Russia was commonly called the ‘Evil Empire’. It was during this time that America added the phrase “under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance because we wanted to mark the major difference between communism and America. Communism was a godless system that oppressed the people more than they had ever been repressed before. As we know Reagan helped bring Russia to its knees. But China remains. The world continued the pressure on China, but now they are considering lifting that pressure. Why? The only conclusion is because the world no longer sees issues as ‘good vs. evil’. The moorings of the Western world in Christianity have been set aside and undermined. Countries like France desire the EU to be a godless secular society and no longer have any real problems with Communism. Communism may have failed as an economic system, but as a philosophy about man, the state, and god, it is alive and kicking.

President Bush should be applauded for not wanting this arms embargo lifted. It is a credit to him that he can still evil for what it is, and stand up against evil even though it may cost America a few arms sales. How quickly the world has forgotten the horrors of godless Communism. It has forgotten the bloody revolution of Marx, the murders done by Lenin, the systematic eradication of all who stood in Stalin’s way, the ruthlessness of Mao. How quickly the world has forgotten that the last time China used its military might, it was to run over and gun down college age demonstrators in broad daylight. This is the sort of behavior that godless systems promote, and this impending decision by the EU shows just how far the world has moved away from its Christian roots.