Saturday, April 02, 2005

Stupid Good Old Boys?

Andrew Sandlin has gone off the deep end. In this post, he is commenting on the defense of Rev. Mark Horne, who has come under some scrutiny for his Federal Vision views. After making sure that everyone knows that the Reformed Tradition is big and diverse and that the “TR’s” are on a “jihad,” he ends with the following statement:

I suspect (but cannot prove) that the Old Boys Network in the PCA is frightened of the intelligence and influence of these creative thinkers and will do everything in their power to silence them.

Seldom have I read a more aggravating post than this. It is one thing to make claims about what is confessional or acceptable in the Reformed Tradition. It is another to claim that all those who disagree with you are ignorant and just trying to hang on to power. Of course Rev. Sandlin deems it impossible that someone may think that the Reformed Tradition is not as broad as he thinks it is. Or that such a person may actually be motivated by a true love for Biblical doctrine. Now I disagree with the Federal Vision theology, and I think it is wrong both confessionally and biblically. But I do not think that they are all selfish, power-grabbing good-for-nothings that do what they do because they want to rule the universe. Sandlin’s elitism sickens me. I hope that Rev. Sandlin will apologize for such inflammatory and unchristian comments. If he will not, I call on all people everywhere, especially those pastors in the ‘Federal Vision’ movement that were mentioned (Rev. Wilkins, Rev. Meyers, and Rev. Horne) to denounce the intellectually superior tone and arrogant attitude of Rev. Sandlin’s comments.


Andrew McIntyre said...

Arguments to the man are always the recourse of those with little reason to back up their claims...or they are just hotheaded. It is hard to say. Whatever the case, such arguments are illogical and, thus, not worthy of serious consideration.


Anonymous said...

Presbyterianism might have some creditability that it's philosophy of predestination is meritorious if it where not for the fact of 1Pt, 2:8b. There is at least one group that have been predestinated to serve the destiny of disobeying the message. This has been done by God's sovereign choice. There is nothing more horrible for someone in the the Presbyterian hierarchy than thinking that he must obey the command of Acts 2:38. Even if he's backed up to hell, his clothes burning off his backside, all the guns of all the world's armies loaded, cocked and aimed at him, and he will still jump into hell rather than obey this command. Why you might ask? It's because each man must save himself and that through faith in what Jesus has commanded. Has the Presbyterian been predestinated? Yes, you bet he has, but not for what he thinks.