Saturday, May 21, 2005

Synod Report

I have to admit that I enjoyed my first Synod. Yes, the RCUS argue a whole bunch, mostly about strange things like the price of e-books and the difference between a quasi-committee of the whole and an informal discussion. But, I think my Scotch-Irish heritage helps me enjoy such arguments.
I did learn a whole lot by simply listening, and I did do a little listening rather than always talking. I have returned excited about the RCUS, its future, and I hope to impart a real vision for how the church in Herreid, SD can play a real role in the spreading of the Kingdom of Christ. Because perhaps what I learned most was the importance of an energized Consistory. Food for thought.

However, the real point in posting tonight is to speak of the Report on N.T. Wright, entitled Wright is Wrong that passed “without dissenting voice”. Hopefully the RCUS website will have it posted soon, and I will make sure to post a link. In the report, the teaching of N.T. Wright are condemned as another gospel. I am sure that this will open up more debate than last year’s report which condemned the teachings of Norman Shepherd. Next year a report will be received about the Federal Vision. I look forward to that work once it is done.

I have also notice that the Mississippi Valley Presbytery Report is now an overture to the PCA General Assembly rather than a mere communication. That ought to cause a fun discussion at GA. The OPC study committee is expected back, if I am not mistaken, and I am sure that more will happen at other assemblies around the nation. When I get news of each, I shall endeavor to pass them along.