Saturday, June 18, 2005

Should people apologize to Michael Schiavo?

The Terri Schiavo case is one that the pundits only seem to remember when it furthers their liberal agenda. Her murder is now being used for political gain by liberal press everywhere. They are demanding an apology for government intervention and the portrayal of Michael Schiavo as a murderer. It just goes to show you that they don’t understand that he is indeed a murderer, and thus no apology is necessary. The recently released autopsy tells us that she had no chance of recovery. While I suspect that that finding is medically questionable, it does not change anything in the situation. Terri Schiavo was alive, and now she is not. That is the only thing that matters. Terri’s life should have been saved not because we think she might have one day recovered, but because she had a life to save. It is not about what Terri could have added to the good of the community or the world, or what someone thinks of her quality of life. It is the fact that life has a quality all of its own: it bears the image of God. And He has told us to protect it. So does anyone owe Michael an apology? No. He did what he did, and he is what he is, a man who starved his wife to death.