Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Christian Activism and Salvation by Politics

Here is an example of how Christians confusing the gospel and politics. The Center For Reclaiming America for Christ, headed by Dr. James Kennedy, has mailed out a petition for people to sign asking each of their senators to confirm John Roberts. The whole appeal is couched in Christian language, even though it admits that one can only pray that John Roberts will actually defend such things as the Right-to-Life and ‘defend Biblical marriage.” They want us to make sure that the faith of John Roberts will not be attacked during this confirmation battle. This whole admission shows the misunderstanding. Why should people of faith rally behind Mr. Roberts? Even the letter of appeal is careful not to be too specific in its praise. It states that “we understand John Roberts is a man of integrity” or “he is spoken of” rather than knowing for sure one way or the other. Since we are not sure of his faith, why support him so strongly? He is a Roman Catholic, why should I as a Protestant trust his faith? Dr. Kennedy does not answer such questions. Nor does he answer why Senators are not allowed to discuss or attack his faith. If we want the Christian faith to guide our government why should we not want our Senators to check it out? These are just a few of my problems. In my opinion, Dr. Kennedy and his group is just acting on behalf of the Republican Party.


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