Monday, May 01, 2006

Some light reading

A few links to keep you reading.

Tim Challies has a nice post on the importance of catechizing.

Johannes Weslianus has a nice piece about theology, its importance, and discussion of it.

The Chicago Sun Times reports that some immigrants are against a boycott on May 1st for fear that it might cause a backlash against the immigration cause. I bet it is too little too late to call of the boycott now. Whoever decided to put the boycott on the Communist May Day anyway? Why not wait until Cinco de Mayo and then you could at least claim a cultural heritage to it? Just some thoughts.

I have been at a workshop put on by Heidelberg Seminary. It was an enjoyable time. I will get something up later today.


Andrew McIntyre said...

The debate is over illegal invasion of our nation by unwanted and unlawful criminals, not immigration. Let's not forget that. If I invite and endorse a guest in my home, he is a guest. If someone enters without my permission, he is trespassing. In my home, he would unwelcome and might find himself at the dangerous end of a lethal firearm.