Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I was right about the Nuggets

"You've got two guys who are big-time scorers and are used to scoring a lot of points. Both have got to make some sacrifices." - David Thomson, Former Nuggets Superstar

For those of you who still think that the trade for Allen Iverson was a good idea, note the Nuggets record. They are one game below .500. That is pretty impressive considering they have only three wins and six losses with both Carmelo and Allen in the game. While they still look like they will make the playoffs, they are a lot closer to missing them than moving up any spots. The sixth seed is the Houston Rockets, who have played the majority of the season without their star center. The Nuggets play the Rockets tomorrow, the 28th, and need a win desperately.

The two have figured out how to play together and have made sacrifices. Sadly, it is the rest of the team they have decided to sacrifice. The people who are suffering most from this trade, besides the fans, are players like J.R. Smith and Nene. These two guys are the ones who need to score for the Nuggets to advance in the playoffs, but both have little to no role in the new offense that sees Carmelo score 30, Iverson 25, new comer Steve Blake get more shots than he deserves, and the team loses. If this team makes the playoffs, do not fall prey to the hype. They are not better than their record. They may even be worse.