Monday, July 23, 2007

I told you so

I will be at Heidelberg Youth Camp all week, so don’t expect any posts or responses.

But before I go I wanted to post a little something for those of you, especially my brother, who never believed me when I told them the NBA was rigged. I always said it was not the players who rigged games, but rather the referees. I always said you could tell within five minutes of an NBA game who was going to win based on the referee’s calls. For all of you doubters I told you so.


Jay said...

I always thought your theory was that the NBA was rigging games to acheive outcomes that would benefit big city teams. This is in some ways the opposite of that. Not only was the NBA not fixing games, other people were fixing its games without its knowledge. Complete disaster for the league. This could be comparable to the Black Sox scandal. It appears that the ref is going to cooperate with authorities, which may well expose a much larger gambling problem in the NBA. Don't be surprised if players and coaches are involved too.

Lee said...

The NBA used to rig games for the Big cities. That is why New York made the finals when Jordan was out of the game. But for some time now I have thought they changed their marketing strategy. They are now rigging games for superstars to get exposure. Basically having Lebron James go to Cleveland in the draft was the first good example of that kind of cheating. You will notice that Lebron made the championship this year, not Detriot which has a great team, but no superstars.