Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jena 6 displays racism

I promise I will get back to the N.T. Wright discussion, but something have to be commented on. Let me start by saying Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson are the two most racist people in America. If you have not read about the Jena 6, it is basically a story about racial tensions that still exist in the Deep South. It started with a bunch of white idiot teenagers making an incredible insensitive and racist display by hanging nooses over tree branches. The school suspended them, and the tree was cut down to prevent further acts of stupidity. However, they were not charged with any crimes. Then six black teenagers took matters into their own hands and beat one of the white kids severely, after three months had elapsed by the way.

Now I am not trying to defend the incredibly racist demonstration of putting nooses in a tree. That is sinfully wrong, but I don’t know enough about the law to know if it is illegal or an act of free speech. Let us not forget that I have seen nooses in trees on Halloween many times. The kids were suspended from school, but the federal government decided it did not fit the bill of a ‘hate crime’. So it is not as if these kids received nothing, and it is not as if the federal government did not investigate. Either way, the racism of the white kids is appalling, and sinful. Let us be clear on that.

However, what I find more appalling is Al Sharpton and his gang of racists. They are actually protesting the fact that the six black kids were arrested for beating a white kid up and putting him the hospital. The charges were originally attempted murder, but they were lowered. Is Sharpton happy with that victory? No. Sharpton actually took over this town by busing people in from all over America. Notice in the article that the lone resident interviewed thinks racial tension in the town is low, or at least was low until Sharpton came to town. Businesses closed, schools closed, people left town. This is not the way to win friends and influence people. In fact, I would bet that Sharpton and Jackson’s constant tactics of playing the race card creates more racists than it stops.

More to the point notice that Al Sharpton says Jena is the beginning of new civil rights movement. He compares it to the march on Montgomery by Martin Luther King Jr. Let us just compare for a moment. Martin Luther King Jr., went to Montgomery because a woman was forced to the back of the bus. Al Sharpton went to Jena because some black kids beat up a white kid. Martin Luther King Jr. thought violence was not the answer and pioneered the non-violent protest. Al Sharpton thinks that violence against whites is justified if it is a six on one beat down and three months after anything that might have offended them. Rev. Jesse Jackson thinks putting a kid in hospital from a racially motiviated gang beating deserves only probation. How much do you want to bet that Jesse Jackson would think it deserved more than probation if six white kids beat a black kid into the hospital. And this is my main point, Sharpton and Jackson see only skin color. Their sense of justice changes depending on the color of the person’s skin. This is the definition of racism. And just in case you don’t agree that these two gentlemen act this way, then notice Rev. Jackson’s comments about Barak Obama not being angry enough over this beating. Jackson claimed that Obama is acting like he is white. Which means that all blacks have to be super angry and that acting like a white person is morally inferior. Put aside for the minute that I am not even sure what acting white is, Jackson is clearly stating that acting white is wrong. And if it is wrong for a black person to act white, it must be wrong for a white person to act white. If it is not wrong for a white person to act white then Jackson has clearly showed us that different standards exist for the different races, again the definition of racism.

I don’t know much about racial issues, but I do know this: Barak Obama is a much better leader for civil rights than Jackson and Sharpton. I know that Clarence Thomas is another fantastic example. I also know that those men will be rejected by those who make money off of keeping racism alive like Jackson and Sharpton. I also know that Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., would be disgusted at what is being done in the name of Civil Rights. He had a dream that all people would be equal. That is not a dream that Sharpton and Jackson share.


James Frank SolĂ­s said...

You're right: Sharpton and Jackson are racists; and they do foment racial tensions. They have to. Those two guys, and their ilk, no more want racial tensions to go away than lumber companies want forests to disappear. They no more want racial peace than drug cartels want legalization.

And their posturing, no doubt, is why Rush Limbaugh refers to Sharpton and Jackson as "The Justice Brothers".