Thursday, October 18, 2007

National Disgrace in our National Game

The Colorado Rockies are in the World Series. As a former resident of Colorado, I am excited. As a baseball fan, I am sick. This is just more proof that the Wild Card is the worst thing ever for baseball. The Rockies had an incredible stretch run to make the playoffs, but they fell one game short of the Arizona Diamondbacks for the NL West crown. The Rockies had an exciting one game playoff with the Padres to make the playoffs, but in reality it was a game to see who finished second and third. Those are called consolation games, and they should be pointless. Now the Rockies have beaten the Diamondbacks in a four game series, and are going to the World Series. The 162 game season did not matter. The Diamondbacks were better all season long, but in the end it was all overturned and the first loser is now in the position to be the big winner. This has already happened an embarassing four times (1997, 2002, 2003, and 2004). Many more wild card teams have made the World Series and failed to win such as last year's Detriot Tigers. It is a disgrace to the game of baseball. It is a disgrace to those who care about winning, and it makes those who play a full season of quality baseball look like idiots. I hope we all come to our senses soon.