Monday, April 28, 2008

Pirates Fans Rejoice

It is official, the Pirates just got a lot better. Pitcher Matt Morris has been released. I am sad that he failed to regain form. It was a trade worth the risk at the end of last year. Raja Davis was expendable, and a solid veteran pitcher is a good thing when he is solid. Sadly, Morris was awful last year and in Spring Training. He was even worse during the first part of this year. Finally, the Pirates are trusting their young arms and letting them throw. The Pirates will now march to the front of the NL Central. At least I hope so.

The Pirates record of 10-15 has them only 6 games out. Considering the schedule they have had so far they can easily overtake the lead. So far 12 of their 25 games have been against first place teams. The Pirates are 2 -10 in those games. As you can see then they are 8-5 against the rest of the league. This includes second place Cardinals (1-1) and the second place Dodgers (1-2). They have yet to get to feast on weak teams like the Astros, Nationals, or Padres. Considering the swept the Reds earlier this year, one would have to think that the Pirates are going places.

Add to all of that Jack Wilson has missed all but a handful of games. He should be returning soon, and that will immediately improve both the offense and defense. The Pirates are not going to be walked over this year. They may not make it to first, but they have a good shot at competing. If you have not been paying attention to the Pirates start. You have already missed Nate McClouth’s 20 game hit streak and Xavier Nady’s 13 game hit streak. Both men should be All Star’s this year. Watch out for the Pirates. You will be glad you did.


Larry said...

Hope springs eternal, eh? Well, I hope you're right about the Bucs.