Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I expect apologies

HA! I was right! I was right! I was right! The NBA did rig games and they used the refs to do it. I was right!

I have had that theory since I was young. I used to tell my family that I could predict who would win a playoff game after watching the first 5 minutes based on foul calls. I had an extermely high success rate. My family never believed me and mocked me ruthlessly. Today's revelation was not one to me. Just confirmation of a long known fact. I cannot believe that this is not getting more notice. The consipiracy theorists that have been mocked by their families and by ESPN, I might add, deserve apologies.

I hope the NBA goes away never to return.


Jay said...

I disagree with "ruthlessly mocking." I don't even remember watching very much NBA basketball. I do remember you thinking that John Madden had something against you because of the way his video game treated you . . .

Lee said...

John Madden did have something against me. That is not even up for debate.

While we may not have watched a lot of NBA. It was enough. The mocker never considers it ruthless. Just admit I was right. The NBA is now and forever will be 'rigged'.