Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Debate Recap

It is pretty clear that we are going to have a socialist president no matter who wins in November. I can feel my wallet getting lighter already.

However the real problem with the debate was that it was completely slanted toward Obama. No questions about abortion? Guns? Religion? Justices? Same Sex Marriage? In other words no social issues. Do we really think out of the thousands of questions submitted to Mr. Brokaw not a single one touched these issues. Not even stem cell research? Come on. The reason they were left out is because everyone of those issues hurt Obama. The Democrats refer to them as 'wedge issues' and they feel that they drive evangelicals to the polls and they lose when that happens. So the press is avoiding them. It is hard to imagine.

The real thing I learned is that the League of Women Voters needs to take over the debate formats again. This Commission on Presidential Debates is a joke.