Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Seven Pounds Movie Review

I just finished watching Seven Pounds with Will Smith. It is a good movie. It is yet another Will Smith movie with very Christological references and themes. It is not quite as good as I am Legend with Will Smith, but mainly because I thought some of the early filmography of Seven Pounds was a little weak and/or confusing. But, other than that minor complaint, the movie is excellent. I don’t want to give too much away, but even the trailers let you know that it is a movie about a man giving gifts to others. Christ also gives gifts to men. How the gifts are given is important and the three main people focused on in this movie are all very biblically explained. One receives a new life. That phraseology is even used in the movie. Sight is also given to the blind. Scriptural references find their way into that exchange as well including one very obvious “slow to anger” comment. The third receives a new heart, and it is hard to imagine a more scriptural picture than that. I highly recommend this movie. Like I said, the beginning is a little slow because of the filming, but stick with it. It is a gripping movie that has a good message. Well done art that can be enjoyed by all above the age of 13.


jyotsna said...

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