Monday, June 22, 2009

I watched Marley and Me yesterday. It is a hard movie to review. Owen Wilson is impressive in his acting. He does a good job at being more than just a comedian, but he does not lose his comedic touch in this movie either. Jennifer Aniston does what you expect. Her girl next door look and style fits perfect with this movie. There is a nice contrast made between the main character and his best friend. It is movie of self-discovery. It is a movie that does an amazing job of showing real life reactions and real life troubles. That translates into a movie that is very understandable, and gives the audience a deep connection with the family on screen. It is surprisingly free from pointless scenes and carries a fairly family friendly rating. The best movie to compare it with is Old Yeller. In fact, Marley and Me is this generations Old Yeller. I felt the same after watching Marley and Me as I did after Old Yeller. I said to myself, "That was a good movie. But I would rather poke my own eyes out than have to watch that dog die again."