Thursday, September 10, 2009

"You Lie" Was it right or wrong?

Last nights Presidential speech was the most entertaining in sometime. I have to admit I am glad I watched it. It is not everyday that a Congressman shouts "You lie" at the President. Of course the media is full of condemnation for Congressman Wilson’s outburst. And it is a sign that our nation is breaking down as hostilities build up between liberals and conservatives. But was his outburst wrong?

Clearly, it is a break in protocol. It is not normal to yell during someone else’s speech. But that protocol has a history of being violated as well. It is not like a whole gaggle of Democrats did not do the same thing to President Bush when he wanted to reform Social Security. But maybe you are thinking that yelling “no” and hissing and booing is not the same thing as saying "you lie", and it is the words that make a big problem. Well, then I hope you are condemning President Obama as well. He had just finished calling everyone who had ever argued that death panels existed liars, in what was pretty clearly a reference to Sarah Palin. But it was also broad enough to encompass everyone who ever thought death panels are in the bill and covering of illegal aliens. He would go on to attack people who think that abortion is in the bill.

Here is the real problem. President Obama started the name calling and frankly was lying to the American public or at least refusing to engage in discussion while shaking his fingers at others for not engaging. Gov. Palin’s article makes a decent case that death panels are in the bill and does so by quoting President Obama himself and the bill before Congress. The Democrats also defeated amendments to the bill that would have required proof of citizenship to get the benefits of the bill. The only reason to defeat the amendments is to cover illegal aliens. It is like laying a table full of cookies before young kids and telling them not to eat and then walking off. You can say the kids aren’t eating the cookies, but you really have no way to stop them. So, President Obama was lying or has no idea what he is talking about.

And just so the President is clear, abortion is in the bill. The Democrats are refusing to attach the Hyde Amendment to the bill that prohibits federal funds from going to abortions. This has been documented as well

So, the question becomes does Congress have to sit an listen to a President tell lies? Do they have to sit an listen to a President tell them that they are liars while he does nothing but lie? Are there times in a nation’s history where such outbursts might actually be the best thing for the country? I am not sure I would have done it, but I don’t actually have much of a problem with it. Hard times call for hard words.

And even those it is a fictional portrayal, someone really needs to say this stuff to the President. This video made me laugh..


Andrew McIntyre said...

Aye, bro, and that's the rub. Wilson was involved in making sure the benefits would not apply to illegals and was met with Democrat opposition. It is a lie. Part of me says decency says let the man speak. The other part says, forget that. He's a president, not a pope or king. He's a man with no authority unless by the people and for the people. If he's lying. Call him on it. Death panels are coming. It's simply logical in a government health control system. Taxes are coming. Again, it's simply logical. Rationing is coming. Again, it's simply logical. Government doesn't "insure" or "ensure" healthcare. It controls it. When someone controls your healthcare, they control you. If Government controls your healthcare, you are a slave to the state.