Saturday, January 02, 2010

Top Stories of 2009

As 2009 passes away I thought I would just give a quick review of some of the important stories of the year. Who can really resist a top 10 list at the beginning of the year?

10. Michael Jackson’s death. Yes, yes, I know I will take great heat for this, but in the end, Michael Jackson was the King of Pop. His sudden and unexpected death deserves note. He was a man who was very troubled, and it is a shame that he was not able to get his life together. Even though the man could sing and dance like few others, it could not bring him joy, happiness, or salvation. Such things are not found in money and fame. His death is a reminder of that at least.
9. Czar’s, Czar’s, and More Czar’s. Now I like history and I am constantly amazed that Americans allow positions of Czars to exist at all. Surely nothing more anti-american existed than the Russian Czars and the Roman Caesars, but now we have dozens of them running around the constitution in our government. Unaccountable and outrageously insane. Van Jones and Kevin Jennings are just a few examples of the people actually doing the work of the executive branch outside of the checks and balances of the Constitution. Such things are not good.
8. Inauguration of Barak Obama. Anyone who does not put this on their top 10 list is outright lying. It was an inauguration of a US President, something not often done, and it was the first African American President in history. An important event no matter what one’s politics.
7. Government Motors. The unprecedented, unconstitutional, and disasterous take over of two of the Big Three American Car makers does not get enough press. It created some outrage, but not nearly enough. The American government owns GM. The American Government is a large shareholder Chrysler, which is now owned primarily by the Union, which gets to negotiate with Ford, the only private car maker left in America. Don’t forget the way the White House forced people to take this as well. Really the last straw that helped lead to the massive Tea Party Movement, which finished as an honorable mention for biggest stories of the year. A horrendous story that should make every list.
6. Ben Nelson shows his true colors. This one might be colored by my being a Nebraska citizen now, but Ben Nelson showed the world his true colors. Not just by completely selling out his Pro-Life supporters (the Right to Life had endorsed him), but by his obvious prostitution of his vote for health care. But then his reaction to pro-life criticism was amazing. Saying he felt bitten by the “house dog” was fairly insulting and it was one of the nicer things he said. I can only hope that one of the top stories of 2012 is Nelson getting what he deserves. But if I were a betting man, I would put money on Nelson being a coward and not running for re-election.
5. Russia murders opposition. Not enough attention is paid to the threat of Communism. China did several things showing their aggressive nature is back, but nothing tops the return of murderous Russia. They assassinated people in Chechnya, Istanbul, and Dubai. Let us not forget that it was late 2006 when Russia poisoned and killed a former spy in London, and the poisoning of Ukranian President Victor Yushchenko in 2003. Add that to the military bullying of the Republic of Georgia, and one can see Russia as a threat internationally.
4. The Episcopal Church ordains gays. This decision not only effectively split the Anglican communion, but is a dramatic betrayal of any loyalty to the Bible. It cannot be minimized. It probably had a hand in the later offer by the Pope to have a way for Anglicans to return to Rome. It also fueled the Homosexual marriage movement, and is simply stunning no matter how one looks at it. The ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran) follow their lead and jettisoned any remnant of Bible fidelity and while the PCUSA avoided active ordination of gays their high court avoided making a definitive ruling about it and that is a bad sign.
3. Iranian Election Stealing and Crackdown. The fact that the Iranian President finished third in the election is not so surprising, but the fact that the world sat by as he maimed, arrested, and killed those who wished to see democracy actually carried out is. Barely even condemned in words by the President and his friends around the world. At least when China crushed the Tennemen Square protestors the American President was outraged. This time we were more supportive than outraged.
2. Terorrism on American Soil. I have to include the bomber of the Detroit flight, which now it has been confirmed that he was not working alone despite our President assuring us he was a lone wolf. Two arrests were made that day. But mainly the attack at Fort Hood. Islamic jihadists are attacking our soil and did kill many American soliders at Ft. Hood. They narrowly missed on Christmas. Expect more in 2010.
1. Global Warming Fraud. It is now undeniable that Global Warming is a fraud. After all the money poured into “Green” and the awards given out to those who believed in Global Warming to learn that it has really all been a massive fraud should easily rank as the biggest story of the year. A multi-national conspiracy to manipulate data to get the result they wanted. Between saying they were using “tricks” to redefining “peer review” to most importantly the “fudge numbers” that allow them to take any data and turn it into warming are all major reveals. The very fact that people were not fired immediately and that some people still hold to Global Warming or Climate Change or whatever it is called is even more amazing. Easily the biggest story of 2009.

Of course I hope all will submit their thoughts on the list, their own lists, or stories you think ought to be on the list.


Andrew said...

For the record #4 didn't begin this year. TEC has been doing it for a number of years now. And, it is officially sanctioned by the denomination.

Just to clarify.