Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A new book on Two Kingdoms

I just found a new book that might give me some insight for those Transformationalists against the Two Kingdoms. As much as I hate giving money to John Frame, I am going to have to get this


Matt Powell said...

Why do you hate giving money to John Frame?

Lee said...

I have never really enjoyed his writing. Even in the books where I don't disagree with the content, I just don't like his style.

Also, his willingness to change the meaning of certain things is a little worrisome for me. He adheres to the Regulative Principle of Worship, just not the Regulative Principle of Worship everyone else adheres too. I found that Worship in Spirit in Truth book very deceptive and since then have been hesitant about spending money on his books. Maybe it is an over reaction to reading his Worship book before seminary and being a bit disturbed by it, but that is why.

Matt Powell said...

I see. I really liked his book on apologetics.

Anonymous said...

Frame is a radical subjectivist. His method is dialectical. Truth is what John says it is. That's not Reformed theology.

Is God one person? John says he is. That one error alone should be enough to give any Reformed person pause.

Was Norman Shepherd right? Frame says he is. In fact, Frame has said that Shepherd is one of the best theologians of the 20th century.

Is the Federal Vision no big deal? That's what Frame says. The RCUS quite rightly utterly repudiated the FV.

Is theonomy a good idea? Frame says so. The RCUS rejected theonomy in 1985.

Folks in the RCUS are right to be wary of John Frame.