Saturday, June 14, 2014

Three Forms vs. WCF Sabbath - Final Quote

As a nice summary of the difference between the Continental View and the Westminster view, I found a good quote from Dr. Lewis Mayer.  Since some have also thought the difference went away in the 16th century as the view evolved, Mayer should serve as good proof that is not true.  Mayer was born late 18th century and did most of his work in the early 19th century.  He was a professor at Mercersburg Theological Seminary and a member of the German Reformed church, the early RCUS.

"The German Reformed Church, like the Lutheran, considers the Lord's Day a sacred season, set apart for the performance of the ordinary public worship of God, and deriving all its sacredness from the service to which it is appointed; the Presbyterian regards the day as intrinsically holy.  Presbyterians consider it the sabbath linked to the Fourth commandment, but modified by our Lord as to the day and the penalty of its violation and derive its sanctity from the fact that the seventh day is the day of God's resting from all His work."  -pg.20-21 the History of the German Reformed Church

In fairness Mayer has a list of ways the German Church is different than the Presbyterians and this is but one.  I agree with most of them, but one of them does show the beginnings of Mercersburg Theology.  But it is a late German Reformed theologian writing about why it is wrong to consider Reformed Continental Theology the same as English Presbyterian Theology.