Friday, September 18, 2015

More St. Barthlomew Massacre

Oh you didn't really think that the slaughter of Huguenots in France was over did you.  Death was everywhere.  In the country side, in the cities, everywhere.  Refugees reported that instruments of death had been erected in every town and village in France. 

September 17th saw the beginning of the massacre in Rouen.  The killing was done in Paris and some other places, but it was not yet done throughout the country.  Rouen had sought to protect the Huguenots because of a kindly governor.  But commands from the king came for him to depart Rouen and try to calm the countryside of Normandy.  When he left, the massacre began.  Many Protestants had been arrested or turned themselves in for protection in the prisons.  All the prisons in the city were now full and other Huguenots stayed in the Parliament house.  Those were killed first, then the prisons slaughtered and any who were left in town ridden down and killed or forced to convert.  About 3,000 converted to Romanism before the end of the year.  Many had fled prior to the 17th as the houses of the rich were simply looted because they had left.  Many crossed the channel to Britain.  Thus the majority of the killed were poor or middle class.  After the massacre complete the dead were stripped naked and their clothes given to the needy of the town.  Numbers differ widely on how many died, but what is known is that over 16,000 Huguenots lived in Rouen before the slaughter and only 3,000 remained after it.