Saturday, August 19, 2006

Random Thoughts

I have been busy enjoying God's newest blessing. Yes, this little one is mine. Child and mother are healthy.

Bret Ceren is a friend of mine who was one of many that made my old job almost enjoyable. Despite being a self-professed metrosexual, he has a good mind and is putting his insight to work in a new blog. I will be adding this to my blog roll soon.

I thought about using this space to comment on President Carter, but why bother after James Solis does it so well.


andreapowell said...

Congratulations, Lee! Please give my best to Jenny Jo.

Tess said...

Yes. Congratulations on the bouncing baby boy. He's adorable. Say hi to Jenny Jo for me as well.

Bret said...

HOW in the world in this post higher on Google than my own blog, or even the articles I have written in the past? Even my comments on other blogs are higher than my professional endeavors. This is depressing.

Thanks for the shoutout and kind words - it means a lot; I always knew that you like me despite the hateful things you say in emails. Oh, and I renounced my metro ways. I am now a full-fledged slob.