Saturday, May 05, 2007

Evolutionists at War

Just in case you do not think that Evolutionists are in an all out war to keep their position of power in the scientific community take a look at the well calculated propaganda on Wikipedia. The Evolution page is nice and free from criticism for the most part. It has a few links to its debates with Creationism and other detractors, but no real disagreement on the page. Now take a look at the Intelligent Design Page. Every thing they believe is accompanied by longer refutations. Much of it is also linked to creationism, and shameless attempts to slander Intelligent Design scientists. Notice the page is locked from editing so no one can mess up the masterpiece. If you proceed to their Talk Page you will not only a lively defense being mounted by Evolutionists, but also that the Intelligent Design page has been rated as one of the best in all of Wikipedia. Creation Science does not fare much better.


James Frank SolĂ­s said...

What's interesting about that, is that many evolutionists are the first to remind us of when "The Church" used to stifle free inquiry. They remind us of what happend to poor Galileo for violating orthodoxy.

There's a new orthodoxy in town, and it's not to be violated. Of course, what separates this new orthodoxy is that it's "scientific".

Free inquiry. It's a nice concept, especially when it works in more than one direction.