Monday, May 28, 2007

Lost in LOST

In case you missed the LOST season finale, do not read any further.

As many of you know, I watch LOST and Heroes because they are the only shows worth watching. The finale of Heroes was good, but not great, but LOST was fantastic. I cannot resist offering my two cents on what will happen and the greatness of the show.

First, Charlie is not dead. Many people have been upset about Charlie not trying to swim out. His death has many people upset. My theory is that Charlie is not dead. Or at least, he will not stay dead. The show seems to have shown us that the island has some special healing powers, which was why the Dharma group went there in the first place. Some seem to benefit from this healing while other do not. Charlie, we have already seen been resurrected once. Do not forget that he was hung by Ethan in the first season. When Jack found Charlie, he was not breathing, and CPR did not bring him back. Jack quits, cries, walks around, and then comes back. Then, and only then, does Charlie start breathing. We all assumed that CPR saved Charlie’s life, but we should know better now.

Second, I think the key to LOST is in the names. The vast majority of the names have significance and are literary allusions. The Philosophers are fairly straight forward. You have John Locke, Desmond David Hume, and Daniel Rousseau as the obvious references. Each represents a the philosophy of the Philosopher as well, at least in some important way. You also had Boone and Shannon Rutherford, a probable reference to Samuel Rutherford. His thought laid the foundation for John Locke’s thought just as Boone Rutherford laid the foundation for John Locke on the island. Other names can be debates such as Jack Shepherd which some say was confirmed to be a reference to Jack Merridew in Lord of the Flies. I personally think the Shepherd part is more important as in the season finale he was compared to Moses, which fits nicely since his nephew is named Aaron. Jack’s father’s name is Christian Shepherd, and despite his funeral the season finale flash-forward made several mentions of Jack’s father as if he were alive. Hugo Reyes may be a reference to Philosopher Hugo Grotius. The Latin word for Grotius is De Groot, which happens to be the name of the founders of the Dharma Initiative. Other names are clear references to Literary characters or authors that are not necessarily philosophical in nature. Sawyer seems a clear reference to Tom Sawyer. Sawyer is of corse a fake name for James Ford, much like Mark Twain is also not the real name of the author of Tom Sawyer. Kate Austen may very well be a references to author Jane Austen. Benjamin Linus, leader of the others reports to the mysterious, Jacob. Can one think of Jacob and Benjamin without coming to a biblical reference? Juliet was an ‘Other’, but now is with the castaways on account of star-crossed love. Do I need to point out that reference? Desmond Hume was shipwrecked on an island for three years and is trying to get back to his love, Penelope. Penelope is also the name of the wife Odysseus in the Odyssey. I am sure there are more that I have missed.

Third, based on the names I think some predictions can be made. I know I have a bad track record on predictions, but I will not stop trying.

  • Charlie is alive

  • Juliet will die. She dies in the play. She is not with Jack after they got home. Somehow she dies.

  • Benjamin is the person in the coffin in the flash-forward. I have several reasons for thinking this is true. It has to be a male. It has to be someone that Jack cares about, but Kate does not. He is in the group that is about to get picked up. Jack seems to agree with Benjamin about the island in the flash-forward.

  • Jack’s father, Christian, is alive. Jack makes several references to him in the flash-forward. His name is Christian; thus, ‘life-after death’ may be in view. We have never seen his actual death. The coffin was found on the island, but it was empty.

  • Season Four will be about trying to get back to island to finish unraveling the mystery.

With only 48 episodes left, I think LOST will be able to maintain a high quality. As my wife and I discuss and spend the summer in suspense, I may blog more of my thoughts on a show that actually stretches your brain.


angelsinger64 said...

I think you are over-analyzing it. I think the names are just picked by some guy sitting in some room at about 3 in the morning, trying to finish his script.
I've been there a few times...

Anonymous said...

don't forget Mikhail Bakunin

Andrew Duggan said...

WRT Charlie, I disagree. Desmond's flashes are about history correcting itself. Desmond has saved Charlie several times, but like Ms. Hawking (c.f. Stephen hawking, theoretical physicist) said, history has away of correcting course. Charlie was supposed to die when Ethan hung him, but because he didn't die, new situations keep happening that spell bad news for Charlie.

Why does Jack care about Ben? Any non-negative feelings must have developed post-rescue. Jack denied being friend or family. Jack's last word about Ben is that he is going to kill him just before getting on the helicopter himself.

Locke, I think is a better choice for the man in coffin. Kate didn't go to the viewing because she wants nothing to do with any island related things, and she wasn't close to anyone but Sawyer and Jack. (She's with Sawyer) Locke was rescued from the island against his will. He can't take it and kills himself in despair.

How can Christian Shepherd be alive in the flash-forward? He died in Australia. Isn't more likely that Jack was just so stoned / drunk that he was talking "crazy". Does that mean that Ana-Lucia, Libby, Shannon, Boone, Paulo, Nikki, are all alive too? Of that group only Paulo and Nikki have a chance since they weren't dead when buried...

Lee said...

Ooohhh great point about Ms. Hawking and Stephen Hawking. I missed that one. That is a good theory about Charlie having to die because he was supposed to die, but I still think the island keeps some people alive. Mikhail Bakunin for example. I do not think Charlie being alive means anyone else has to be alive. Bakunin has survived at least two deaths now. Yet, Others like Ethan are still dead. John Locke has come back from the dead as well. This is why I still think Christian Shepherd is not dead. People do come back from the dead on this island. At least one time when Jack referenced his father, he was trying to get more meds and was not stoned.

I admit that the Ben in the coffin theory is weak. My other guess would be Michael. I do think that the good feelings or non-negative feelings develop post rescue as Jack begins to see the island like Ben or even like Locke. I don't see why Kate would have bad feelings about Locke. Plus, we see him leave the area. I don't think they are going to force him to leave.

Anyway, those are my current crack brain theories. Thanks for brininging the Hawking thing up. I will be pondering that for days.