Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Parting with Marvin Olasky

I respect Marvin Olasky. He is a great writer; and I enjoy his columns in World Magazine. Usually that is. I have come to discover that I have a great deal of difference with him when it comes to defining Conservativism. Marvin, of course, is the inventor of the phrase "Compassionate Conservative." He has been disappointed by President Bush, but a recent article in the Dec. 8th issue of World Magazine reveals that he is looking for more of the same in the 2008 candidates. Mr. Olasky comments on the YouTube debate, and in one sentence he brushes aside both Mitt Romney and Fred Thomson, leaving McCain hoping one of the other remaining candidates falter. Thus, Mr. Olasky narrows the potential field down to two men: Rudy Giuliani, the favorite of Fox News and Neo-Conservatives everywhere, and Mike Huckabee, the chosen one of the evangelicals and the heir apparent to Compassionate Conservativism. Olasky barely conceals his hope that Huckabee will win the nomination. He goes as far as to state, “He has the feeling of George W. Bush at his best but the speaking ability that Bush lacks.” Now I realize that this is a compliment coming from Olasky, but it is precisely what makes me worried. Mike Hucakbee is George Bush again, which means he is not conservative at all. Huckabee will spend money like it is going out of style. Huckabee seems ready to continue the foreign policy of pre-emptive wars. Rather than fighting "the war to end all wars," we will continue to fight "wars to prevent a war." I know the article is supposed to be a side bar, but I watched that YouTube debate, and I did not see such a clear cut victory for Huckabee or Giuiliani. Huckabee has no real plans, and is all charm, something that Tom Tancredo does a really good job of exposing. Tancredo is the only one who ever attacks Huckabee. Sadly, no one ever listens to him. In the end, I have had enough of Compassionate Conservatism, and with all due respect to Mr. Olasky, I disagree that the two least conservative people in the race are the two best hopes for the Republican Party. I encourage Mr. Olasky to listen again to Fred Thompson, maybe Mitt Romney, and even Ron Paul. They make a lot more sense than the "President Bush with a silver tongue" that he is betting on now.


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I agree