Monday, December 10, 2007

Why I can't stand ESPN and the BCS

If any of you have not yet converted to I-AA football, your last chance this season is Friday. Appalachian State goes for its third straight title, a feat never before accomplished. They are taking on another traditional powerhouse and former champion, Delaware. Delaware has a QB that has NFL type talent, and they have overcome the tougher road to the final. Appy St. beat their first two opponents by a mere 4 points total, and then blew out Richmond. Appy St. did not have to play either of the undefeated teams in their bracket because they both lost early. Delaware on the other hand defeated numbers 1 ranked Northern Iowa and then took out number four Southern Illinois all after thumping instate rival Delaware St.

If for some reason that drama is not enough, then just think about what you are supposed to believe about the BCS system. This year there is only one undefeated team, Hawaii. Hawaii won the WAC, which last year sent undefeated Boise St. to the BCS and Boise promptly beat Oklahoma. Yet, this year we are supposed to believe than an undefeated Hawaii is not as good as a two loss LSU. Seriously, do you really believe that the SEC is such a good conference that losing twice makes you better than a team that did not lose at all? Come on. That is too much for me to handle. Plus, to add insult to injury, Tim Tebow won the Heisman Trophy. Let us just look at the stats.

QB#1 – 4174 yds. 38 TD, 112.9 rating
QB#2 – 3132yds. 29TD, 122.9 rating
QB#3 – 40424yds. 30TD, 102.4 rating

It is not that much of a contest when they are evaluated as quaterbacks. But in the interest of full disclosure let us make sure we note that
QB#1 – missed one whole game against Charleston Southern (a stat stuffer game) and played only two downs in a second game. Rushed for 65yds, and 8 TD.
QB#2 – rushed for 838yds, and 22TD.
QB#3 – rushed for –46yds, and 3TD.

Who deserves to be the Heisman? Well, maybe it might help to know that QB#1 did not lose a single game. QB#2 lost three games. QB#3 lost six games. In the end, Tim Tebow is QB#2 and won the Heisman? Why? He only scored five more TDs than Colt Brennan (QB#1), and with all of his yards combined did not gain as much as Brennan did passing alone. Tim Tebow did not even throw as many touch downs as Brian Brohm of Louisville (QB#3). Tebow got a lot of rushing touchdowns because Florida did not have a running game and close to the end zone they just gave the ball to Tebow. Yet, in my opinion the case gets worse. Look at these stats.

RB#1 – 2448 yds. 29TD, 188.3 yds per game
RB#2 – 1725yds. 15 TD, 143.8 yds per game
RB#3 – 1463yds, 14 TD, 121.9 yds per game.

Both RB 1 and 2 also caught one TD pass while #3 went empty on that stat although RB#3 rushed only four times in one of his teams blowout wins.

RB#2 is Darren McFadden who finished second in the voting for the Heisman. His team did not win the SEC title even in the West. RB#3 who has stats fairly similar to McFadden is Chris Wells of one loss Ohio State. And of course RB#1 is Kevin Smith of Central Florida who went for well over 2000 yards something even pros do not do and they have a longer season. Plus, UCF and Mr. Smith won their conference. Why did Smith and Brennan get the cold shoulder when it came time to hand out post season awards? Well, because ESPN would have you think that the BCS schools are just that much better than the other schools.

A two loss team in the championship, and two inferior players in the Heisman race. Enough is enough. Give me I-AA anytime.