Thursday, May 29, 2008

Obama Meter

I think I have stumbled on a way for all you Political Pundits or Democratic supporters of Barak Obama out there to figure out how wounded Senator Obama really is. It will be too late to do anything about it, but you should be able to know if Obama is in real trouble in the general election after the South Dakota results come in on June 3rd. South Dakota and North Dakota are fairly close in demographic with North Dakota being slightly more liberal. The North Dakota primary was on Super Tuesday and Barak Obama won by over 20%. The Dakotas are not the South so racism is not a real factor up here. African Americans are pretty rare in this region and discrimination against them is not part of the culture. However, most of the people up here are going to be slow to vote a woman into the role of Commander and Chief. Patriarchy is at its highest in this old German Russian part of the country.

Now the North Dakota victory for Barak was prior to the ‘clinging to religion’ comment and before the specter of Jeremiah Wright came forth. I still think Obama will win. He has the support of all the major super delegates in this state including Tom Daschale. Yet, there are no real polls to speak of and both campaigns are calling it a tight contest. Even after Hillary made the Robert Kennedy comment in Sioux Falls, SD. So, the standard of victory has been set by the North Dakota Primary. Whatever the result of the South Dakota Primary turns out to be you should be able to lay them side by side and see exactly how far Obama is fallen. If Obama loses South Dakota, no one in the Democratic Party should support him for anything.