Saturday, May 24, 2008

Well I am finally back from my vacation and Synod. I will blog more later, but let me just give you the few lessons I learned on my trip.

1. Hotels hate large families. Usually they do not have the ability to room more than 5. They have removed the concept of rooms with an interior door because they do not want you to bring your kids to their hotel.

2. The execption to this rule is Americinns. They are hands down the best hotel chain for families even giving us free microwave popcorn.

3. Sleep Inn likes to trick you into staying. They said they could room my large family for a certain price. What they refused to tell me was that they were splitting my family into two rooms and that the price quoted would be per room. They even gave me two bills rather than one. Never ever stay at a Sleep Inn. They did not even have bath tubs which is a very bad thing when your family has four members under the age of 5.

4. The only place for "Southern Style Chicken" is Chic-Fil-A. I have now had the Arby's version (pathetic) and the McDonald's version (better), but they both pale in comparison to the real deal.