Thursday, February 05, 2009

Obama against the Religion

We have now seen how President Obama views faith. We can put aside the idea that he is a new kind of candidate and a Democrat with religious values. All that has been proven to be false now. The President’s stimulus bill contains a provision to forbid the money going to any school that allows "religious worship" or contains a "divinity school". The point of the bill for me is not about discrimination. It is about trying to drive Christianity out of education. It is about giving people and incentive to get rid of ‘religious’ views.

This of course ties back in perfectly with what Candidate Obama said on the campaign trail. We no know exactly what he meant when he said, "Democracy demands that the religiously motivated translate their concerns into universal, rather than religious-specific, values." What he meant was that religious specific language and teaching would not be tolerated in a Democracy.

Thus, I was right earlier about his new language just being a new attempt to keep religion out of politics. I did fail to see that he wants to keep religion out of everything. Now I know.


Anonymous said...

this makes me almost wish it were true... i am libertarian/conservative and not at all pro obama... but spreading misconception, and blatant lies is not helpful... though if thats all religion has to work with i guess you have no choice. all hail circular reasoning, right?