Thursday, February 19, 2009

Something interesting to ponder

Why on earth is this not being reported? Obama returns Churchill bust.

This sounds like a fairly newsworthy development. Only in the UK is it actually making the news. Another commentary on the sad state of our news industry.


Jay said...

I fail to see how this is newsworthy. Innocuous explanation: the term of the loan is over and the (extremely valuable) piece of art is being returned to its owner. Worst-case explanation: Pres. Obama isn't a big Churchill fan, in part because Churchill was PM during a time when British soldiers are accused of torturing his grandfather. What's the problem?

Lee said...

It is news worthy because we are getting to see Obama's foreign policy. He returned a gift loaned to us. The innocuous explanation is not possible because they offered to extend the loan. The UK article clearly states that this action made Britons worried about their future relation with America. That alone is newsworthy.

Then add to that the fact that NBC Nightly News did a piece on Tiger Woods returning to golfing. ABC had a story about a man hunt for some guy who swindled people out of money. Every news outlet the other day had long debates about a New York Post cartoon. How long was the "OctoMom" on the news? I am not saying that returning the bust is the end of hte world. But I am saying that a Presidential action that causes our longest and closest ally in the world to worry our relationship has changed is more important than the drivel that is on the news these days.

Andrew said...

Since we do not really know the reason why and can only speculate, as the British news is doing, isn't it the job of the American media to ask?