Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Anglican and Rome Merger

If you have not seen this disturbing news, you might want to take a look at it. Apparently Anglicans are actually thinking about taking the Vatican up on their offer. And what makes it depressing is that it is the conservative Anglicans that are thinking about it. If you had not heard, Pope Benedict made some sort of offer to the Anglicans that they could join the Roman fold if they were inclined to leave the Anglican communion, and they would be given a special status such as ruled by Anglican bishops, and able to teach at Anglican seminaries. I don’t know all the details such would they have to accept papal claims, but I assumed the offer was just an attempt to peal away one or two Anglo-Catholics. However, it appears as if it might peal away the African conservative base of the Anglican Church.

It is another potent reminder that the Anglican Reformation was not really the same as the Reformed Reformation and its path since then has also been different. It also should remind us that being right on social issues like abortion and homosexuality does not equal being sound on theology in general or even in the basics of salvation. I am not sure what Bishop Akinola is pondering about this offer. Reject it, hand it back to the Romanist heretic on the papal throne and go on about your day. The mere fact he considers it does not speak well for him.


Andrew said...


I am not sure what he is pondering either, to be honest. From what I understand, the offer is extended to those Anglicans who accept the doctrines of the Catholic catechism (i.e. full fledged Anglo-Catholics). I don't think Akinola would qualify. But, perhaps I misunderstand the whole thing.


Lee said...


I am not sure exactly what the Pope has in mind either. But, I cling to the hope that Akinola is just being nice and is not really considering this.

Andrew said...

I think it is kindness more than anything. Africans tend to be polite. The offer does not extend to married bishops, which would include the vast majority of Anglican bishops, especially in Africa. Seriously, I know, there is no way most of them would qualify as RC catechism toting faithful. At the Council in Jerusalem, they (Southern Hemisphere bishops) declared that the American movement must be faithful to the 39 Articles. Now, admittedly, they do not interpret the 39 Articles as strictly as I would, as a Reformed Anglican, but they certainly could not qualify as Roman Catholic. I am not worried about it. Of course, if in some strange scenario they went Roman, you would see many of us Anglican clergy knocking on Presbyterian/Reformed doors for jobs:)