Monday, October 19, 2009

Growing Hatred for True Christianity

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the world hates Christianity. The attacks upon it grow every day and the attempts to paint Christians as wild eyed crazy people continue as well. Much like the Romans like to portray Christians as the arsonists of Rome or as cannibals to justify their torture and death.

For example, the gay agenda in Hollywood needs no explanation. Last Thursday night the ABC show Grey’s Anatomy put on a full blown homosexual hit piece. They included fun lines to chant at rallies like "You can’t pray away the gay." As well as more subtle clues like the lesbian character feuding with her father who told her she was going to hell. The father quoted OT verses (except one from Romans) which he read off of note cards while the lesbian character quoted Jesus from memory. Most of the quotes were interestingly enough Beattitudes from Matthew 5 including "Blessed are the Pure in Heart" implying homosexual behavior is okay because their motives are pure and "Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake" implying two false ideas: that gays are persecuted and that their behavior is righteous. One talk by a patriotic lesbian soon sets the father straight (no pun intended) and he accepts the homosexual behavior. A clear attack on Christianity by the homosexual lobby there.

But even more disturbing than the constant attacks by Hollywood are the ones where people discuss Christianity in the guise of Christianity itself. Jon Meacham, the lefts favorite Christian (although he has yet to argue for Christianity) has helped start an "On Faith" section of the Washington Post Web Site. It takes on the convergence of Faith and Politics and always comes out on the side of anti-Christian hatred even though it supposedly takes in a number of views. Take for example the recent promotion of a Hate Crimes Law the Democrats are likely to push through. The author assures us that there is no reason to fear for a pastor’s right to proclaim homosexuality a sin, despite the mounting evidence of pastors in jail under similar laws in Canada and Europe. The bigger problem is not pastors, but Christians in general. Will they still have the right if they are not protected by a ministerial degree and a pulpit? The even broader question that intersects Faith and Politics is "Can the Government criminalize thought, and also make itself the knower of thoughts and motives?" Is that not something that belongs to God alone? Of course those issues are not brought up because then the Hate Crime bill would be defeated.

Check out the recent list of posts on the the controversy about Swine Flu Vaccine. I will be up front and state that I will not vaccinate my kids because I think the risks are worse than the reward. Why bother for such a non-deadly virus. Still note the supposed diversity of views. Not a single article saying that it is okay to religiously object to vaccines. Even the one that sounds like it favors respecting individual rights and choices contains the idea that society has a right to force you if its wants to do so. The forum also has an article condemning people like me as sinners for not vaccinating. As well as the more disturbing article that argues to put our trust in science. Not to mention the obligatory post that declares Universal Health Care a moral duty.

This shows a great misunderstanding of Christianity and its role in life. What is worse is that these people are usually related to the Christian Church in someway (except the post on Universal Health Care which was written by a wiccan). This is a fairly clear effort by the Washington Post to get liberal pastors to teach a perverted view of Christianity.

Take a look at a more serious topic than vaccines, the recent political protests. Here a Mormon pastor remind us we are the problem, and that shrill and sarcastic language is wrong. Obviously then the mormon church has a problem with Jesus calling the Pharisees a brood of vipers and white washed tombs. The President of Chicago Seminary let us know our anger lies in racism of course as does a UCC pastor and a Baptist pastor says it is not only racism, but unchristian to disagree with the President. That is about as much as I can take. The point is that this forum despite allowing Cal Thomas to occassional participate is set up to attack Christians, and does not provide the majority of Christians with a voice. Only the liberals are allowed in. Why? So that the next generation and the current one can learn that Christianity is only okay if it is liberal and has removed the fundamental point of Christianty: That Jesus is Lord and Savior and we can serve no other. Because if that attitude were allowed onto the On Faith forum, people would actually have to consider that there is a higher authority and maybe just maybe we will have to follow Him, even in calling sin, sin. And even if it means opposing liberal ideas at the political level. Such a Christianity cannot be tolerated, even in a forum dedicated to tolerance.


James said...

I believe your idea of a homosexual is greatly skewed. Just as you criticize hollywood for hating christianity, it is hollywood that gives you a stereotypical view of homosexuality. Most gays i know are family loving, kind, decent, good people, and yes, even church goers. Gays do not hate... all we want is our equal rights as Americans. We have no desire to invade your churches, homes or take away your rights. We just want to be treated the same as every other person born in this country.
This man reminds me of my grandfather...i cried watching this and thought of him. please view it with an open mind. Thank You

Anonymous said...

I understand your point about Hollywood giving only the stereotypical view of homosexuality and have no doubt that most homosexuals are "good people" (as are all gays that I have met) by the standards of the world. The problem with that argument, however, is that, as Christians, we are called to a higher moral code than that of the world. To be called by Christ is to know that you are now bound to a higher authority than any on Earth. As Christians, we should love the sinner and hate the sin (a slightly pithy answer, but I think it gets the point across). I think that many Christians hate all around and that is just as big a problem to God as the Homosexuality, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I just got thru commenting @ your other post, and here, this one confirms what I was saying there. "trust in science" and "not vaccinating is a sin"-----> there it is again: surrogate religion. The scientists and other chatterati ("experts") are the new priests, and their message is dogma, obey it or ELSE! Nauseating. But also illustrative of what Jesus said about not living by bread alone but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God: man is designed for that Manna that is Truth; if he doesn't ingest that, he will turn to various forms of spiritual junk food, bec. he CAN not live without some sort of religious belief, even if it's surreptitious and calls itself "secular."