Thursday, December 09, 2004


One of the sights I like to visit, is Reformed Catholicism
I do not endorse their views in general. It is a sight that propagates the Federal Vision type theology. They prefer Reformed Catholicism. They desire to open a dialogue with all groups of believers even Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox.
Now I like this sight because they are very honest. Straight forward. They don’t often try to dance around what they believe in order to fit the Confessional standards that they don’t much care for anyway. They are open about what they are doing and why they are doing it. It has some names you may recognize and some you may not. I plan to comment on some of their stuff in the future. Let me know just leave you with a quote from Philip Schaff:

Closely connected with what has just been said, is the last and most important point to be presented. I mean, the bearing of this view of Church History on the great work of Christian Union.

This helps prove my earlier point that Historical Development is important in the new Federal Vision scheme of things. We are seeing a re-emergence of Mercersburg Theology.