Friday, December 03, 2004

Election Results

Many things worried me about the last election. Yet, I am not sure that anything was more disturbing than seeing the poll results in Washington D.C. I know that it is not a state, and it is just a city, but it is the city where government takes place. 90% of the people in the city voted for John Kerry. 9% for Bush and I guess 1% for other candidates. I think that it should worry us that the employees of the government, major press reporters, and a nice size group of lawyers all voted for John Kerry. Think of how out of touch those who actually do the work of government are with the people. Not only did Bush win a majority of the popular vote, and the states, but if you look at the county by county voting, Bush won a vast majority of the United States. It is overwhelming. Yet, those in government and in the Nations Capital are 90% for Kerry. When the capital is that out of touch with the rest of the country, can good things really be around the corner?


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