Friday, December 17, 2004

Kobe's Ego

The latest in the fall of superstar Kobe Braynt is his now public feud with future Hall of Famer, Karl Malone. Kobe says Karl made a pass at his wife. Of course, Kobe's image took another hit. People are angry with Kobe. The young Laker star made the talk show rounds yesterday trying to rebuild his image. It is not working. All the sportscasters don't get it. They even asked why on "I, Max" today, and they couldn't figure it out. Let me explain it to them.

1. No one really believes Kobe. Karl has no history of this sort of thing, and Karl is respected around the league. The charges seems stupid and made up.

2. Kobe does not really care. That is what no one is willing to say on the air. Kobe wants us to believe that he is mad at Karl Malone for hitting on his wife, while he was off sleeping with countless women, and perhaps raping one. Since when did Kobe start caring about his wife. This seems a little like an attempt to rebuild an image as a protective and caring husband. I am afraid that ship has sailed.

What does this have to do with theology? Not much, but I couldn't resist blogging on it anyway.