Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A discussion worth action

Matt has a great discussion going between himself and an atheist named Darksyde. And it all started with Martin Luther King Jr., and his dream. I suggest you check it out.

And as long as I have a quick post, I want to remind everyone about that January is the anniversary of Roe v Wade. Today we may believe the climate is changing and I pray it is, but in the end Late Term abortions are still legal. This is the sort of abortions that Pharaoh wanted during the time of Moses in Exodus 1. And sadly the Supreme Court has become a place of party politics and agendas. This month I suggest everyone write your Congressman and Senator. Also write your State Representatives, after all Constitutionally this is a state issue. More importantly, pray. This is a national sin, and we should all be on our knees. It is God who heals and forgives, not any form of government.


Matt Powell said...

Thanks for the link!