Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A Look at the Controversy

I will be posting the next few days on the controversy that has arisen in the Reformed Camp over Justification and the Covenant. I hope that it spurs some comments and discussion.

I will be trying to cover all the aspects of the controversy, but I will not be discussing Norman Shepherd. There are three reasons why.

1. I have not read Norman Shepherd.
2. His views are covered fully by the RCUS position paper. Also the history of the controversy is well discussed in The Current Justification Controversy by O. Palmer Robertson.
3. I do not believe that he is the primary motivator in this new controversy. I am sure that some of his former students are on his side, and that his book has influenced some, but over all I believe that the other big names are the ones that have more impact, and Shepherd has little to do with them. He is seldom quoted in their books and articles, and some of them get offended when you refer to them as Shepherdites.

So, I have no real inclination to discuss Rev. Shepherd, since I believe his role in the controversy is minimal.

Let the discussion begin!