Monday, September 05, 2005

Katrina Controversies

It never ceases to amaze me how the two major parties in this country fight like cats and dogs. It really does not matter what the subject is, they just have to fight. It has to be the main reason that 50% of this country fails to vote. It makes me not want to vote, at least not for either the Republicans or Democrats. Hurricane Katrina is no exception. The hurricane that flooded the 35th largest city in America and destroyed oil refineries and valuable coastline, not to mention probably killed more Americans than 9/11, has produced the most disgusting display of partisan bickering I have ever seen.

There are some legitimate questions and debates we can have once everyone is safe. I think it is reasonable to evaluate the efficiency of our nation’s response. Matt at Wheat and Chaff puts up a defense of the administration. While the post points out some things President Bush does well, I think comparing the responses to hurricanes in Florida last year and this one make President Bush look a little too slow. Tim Challies points out the differences between the mayor of New Orleans and Rudi Guiliani during 9/11. A good point that the most of the blame should fall at the feet of the city of New Orleans itself. These debates are not emotionally charged, and they will help the nation respond better next time. These are legitimate debates, and not the ones that draw my ire.

The ones that make me sick are the obviously idiotic charges of racism. Democratic fanatics like Michael Moore, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton are blaming the slow response on racism. These giants of equality are not blaming the city's black mayor or even Louisiana's white governor, but they are calling President Bush a racist. The first President to have a black Secretary of State, and then the first to have a black woman as Secretary of State is now a racist, and apparently so is Ms. Rice, who is black. Charges like this cannot be made on emotion alone. They require proof. If you are going to accuse someone of something so heinous, you had better have more than a gut feeling. Especially if you are going to do it while people are still stuck on their roofs. Instead of rallying to help the nation through its worst disaster ever, these men are playing the one card that will divide America, and they are doing with no proof whatsoever. The depth of partisan anger goes so deep that Arianna Huffington actually lashes out at President Clinton for helping out. That makes me sick. Do we really have to make every waking moment about partisan bickering and finger pointing? Apparently so.


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Lee, I thought you'd be interested in this article by Ben Stein from The Spectator :
Get Off His Back

I think part of the problem is that different administrations choose to exercise Federalism in different ways--the Democrats ignore it and are paternalistic ("your state government can't handle this by itself"), while the Republicans endorse it and "wait" for the Gulf Coast states to ask for help. Then again, Bush also deployed the National Guard (which is supposed to be state-run, not a secondary reserve for the federal military) to Iraq and Afganistan, so he's kinda commandeering one of the biggest resources the states have in these situations...