Wednesday, September 14, 2005

RCUS Report on N.T. Wright

The Reformed Church in the United States position paper on N.T. Wright has been put on the web. It is good and passed unanimously. If you do not know why the RCUS would go out of its way to condemn the odd teachings of an Anglican Bishop, it is because he has a great following in the Presbyterian and Reformed world. Not only did he speak at the 2005 Auburn Ave. Conference, but many men openly confess their adherence to Wright's re-write of Paul and his odd brand of Biblical Theology.

Please browse the report. I think you will find it helpful.


Fred Carpenter said...

Greetings,I stumbled across your blog, and thought to make a comment on Wright report:

Re wright report, I don't believe Luther's or Reformer's struggles were carbon copy as that of Apostle Paul's; therefore they read their experiences and abuses of the day such that the law always became associated with legalism for them...not always the case. Have you read Krister Stendahl's (1963) essays? As a Lutheran, he did not think Luther was correct in his understanding of the some of the main texts regarding 'works of the law & justification'.strictly speaking(see Paul Among Jews and Gentiles, Fortress Press, 1976). For example, when Paul confronted Peter about perverting the gospel in Gal. 2, it was not about legalism or earning meritorious works before God per se, it was about Peter's denial of the mystery of the gospel(Eph. 6:19), i.e., the idea of refusing communion w/gentiles and denying the gospel that God had not really created one new man from two new men (Eph. 2). Luther's ladder of merit schema that he struggled with fails on the context of Scripture of Gal. 2; a point that wright is trying to reconcile,I beleive correctly.
much more could be said, but I believe the reformers/creeds/and reformed rationalism/dualism are not the final words, but scriptures themsleves...

ps according to your blog you live in Herreid, SD; I live in selby, SD. I have Stendahl's book if ever U want to borrow it... Fred C.

Mr. Baggins said...

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