Saturday, September 10, 2005

Thoughts on John Roberts

Howard Phillips has some interesting thoughts on John Roberts. Phillips had not yet made up his mind on the nomination, but raises some good points. Here is the quote that most disturbed me.

A liberal law partner [of Roberts] at Horgan & Hartson says—and this is a rough paraphrase: “I’ve had dinner with John Roberts, or lunch, on more than a thousand occasions, and if you asked me what he thinks about anything other than whether he prefers bacon, lettuce and tomato to tuna fish I couldn’t tell you.”

Charles Krauthammer, another pundit whom I respect, sees some trouble in John Roberts. I have to say that I am looking forward to seeing these hearings. I have to admit that I am even more interested in the next Supreme Court nominee. For me the verdict on Bush’s presidency is still out. Is he a conservative? Well he cut taxes, but loves deficit spending. He seems to respect federalism in some cases, but does not mind increasing National bureaucracy, and federalizing airport personnel. John Roberts could tilt the scales for Bush one way or another. Is Roberts a Thomas or a Kennedy? I fear that the hearings will be pointless. I fear that Republicans will try to argue you should not get to vote against a judge because of judicial philosophy, which is why Republican overwhelmingly approved Ruth Ginsburg. Then they turn around and whine about judicial activism. Yet, I suspect Roberts will not answer anything and remain a mystery for sometime even after he gets his seat on the bench.

I hope Roberts comes out strong and answers question for the Senate. I also hope Bush nominates someone who has a clear record for the next seat. He won’t, but hope springs eternal.