Thursday, January 12, 2006

Democratic Ignorance

I have lived lots of places in my life. I grew up on the Tennessee/Virginia border so that I got to see the politics of both states. I moved to South Carolina and then Colorado, and now I live on the South Dakota/North Dakota border so that I can see the politics of both states. I have to say that if the Democratic Party does not learn to abandon the New England Liberals soon, they will cease to exist as a party. I give them 20 to 25 more years. When my children are old enough to vote, there will be the Republican Party and a party to the right of it.

I say this because I saw the end of the Southern White Democrat that was the backbone of the party for such a long time. I saw the Democrats unable to win over a state full of immigrants in Colorado, and I see now traditional democratic farmers vote Republican in every election. The problem? Democrats have stopped being the party of entitlements and social handouts and started being a party with a social agenda no one likes. Roe v. Wade was the height of their power, and since then as devotion to Roe has gone up, the Democratic power has gone down.

If the Democrats would run Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico as a Vice Presidential candidate and someone like Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska or former governor of Virginia Warner for President, the Democratic Party would win in a landslide and pick up seats in the Senate and House at the same time. These men could stress issues that are important to everyone like border security, working with the opposition, as well as appeal to the minority population and champion entitlement programs and government handouts. That ticket would sweep New England and California. It would take back Iowa, New Mexico, Nevada, and probably steal away South and North Dakota, Nebraska, Virginia, Missouri, and Louisiana without much problem. Minnesota would stay a blue state as would Wisconsin and Illinois, and with some effort maybe Michigan too. This would be far and away enough to win.

If they change nothing they will lose another state or two every election. They will lose Minnesota in one, Wisconsin in the next. They will not be able to hold Michigan and Pennsylvania forever, and by that point the party will collapse. It amazes me as I watch some of Judge Alito’s hearings that the Democratic Party has not yet discovered this plan for success. Enjoy the Democratic Party now because in 20 years, it will be a thing of the past.

P.S. My wife disagrees with me. She thinks that because of the current government school monopoly, our nation's children will grow up to support some party that will be to the left of the Republicans.


Andrew McIntyre said...


I would like to agree, but I am not so optimistic. We should remember that Colorado, for instance, is actually a blue state. It may have swung for Bush, but, in the same election year, the Democrats overturned both houses of the State congress and sent a new Democratic senator to DC (formerly a Republican seat). The Republicans have done just about everything they could to alienate their base. They have grown government and passed very little meaningful legislation. I think we may see the Democrats pick up some seats in 06, perhaps even overturning the power balance. They, at least, will have a motivated base. The Republicans will not.

People have very short memories. They will not remember the posturing for the Democratic base when November rolls around.

I think conservatism will eventually become an historical relic, a voice of reason in a sea of madness, much like we see in Europe. In fact, it already is. No one in Washington is actually implementing consistent, constitutional government.

Of course, I could be wrong, and I hope I am.