Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Reviews and Proofs

Reviews of the Missouri Valley Presbytery’s Report on the Federal Vision are rolling in from around the blog-o-sphere. Reviews from the Strict Confessional side and from the pro-Federal Vision side, even reviews from the others side of the Atlantic. My thoughts are posted on Westminster Brass.

There has also been some discussion on this site and others of whether or not Ursinus is the only author of the Heidelberg Cathechism. Olevianus is also an author. For those who doubt Schaff’s History of the Christian Church Vol. 7 pg. 574 states, Ursinus, "is one of the two authors of the Heidelberg Catechism." Grimm’s the The Reformation Era pg. 355 reads, "Two of these, Capser Olevianus and Zacharias Ursinus, drafted the Heidelberg Catechism." I could go on. Why Olevianus receives so little attention, I do not know. Olevianus did not write a commentary, but did comment on the Apostles Creed, which makes a large portion of the Heidelberg.

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