Friday, January 20, 2006

Hollywood in the Mainstream?

I am tempted to yell at ESPN for again blaming the fans when a basketball player entered the stands. Antonio Davis entered the stands the other night to protect his wife, who started an altercation (and has a history of altercations) when a fan who paid $95 a seat asked her to sit down. Instead I will blog about Hollywood’s recent fiasco known as the Golden Globe Awards.

Tucker Carlson recently entered a debate with Air America’s Rachel Maddow about whether or not Hollywood tries to push a social agenda. Ms. Maddow claims there is no agenda and everything that Hollywood does is American values-based. She must not have paid attention to the Golden Globe the other night in which Brokeback Mountain, a movie about two gay cowboys cheating on their wives with each other, received Best Drama, Best Screenplay, Best Original Song, and Best Director. TransAmerica, a movie about the plight of a transsexual male trying to live life as a woman, won Best Actress in a Drama. And Gena Davis won Best Actress in a TV Drama for Commander and Chief, a show about the first female President. (By the way, Commander and Chief wastes no opportunity to portray Republicans in a bad light: the antagonist is a Republican House leader and the Republican President who died giving the Presidency to Ms. Davis's character asked her from his deathbed to step down. The show has never mentioned Democrats in any way as Ms. Davis's character is an Independent.) All these Golden Globe winners are quite partisan in their outlook on life, and not surprisingly, most of them made partisan political points when accepting their awards. They spoke of the oppressed gays and the marginalized transsexuals, and they proclaimed it was time for a female President. One might argue that they are simply performing works of art, and that is not really entail an agenda. However, when they back up their art with silly political lectures as they accept their awards, which come fast and furious for left-leaning movies, Hollywood becomes impossible to defend. By the way, the top grossing movies of the year (and by consequence the most popular) such as Harry Potter and The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe received no major nominations. Imagine that.


jazzycat said...

Good points... They continue to deny the obvious. However, The cat is out of the bag with bloggers such as yourself and many others. My site also exposes them in a different sort of way. The sad thing is those that lack the discernment or interest to even notice.