Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Open Letter to Keith Olbermann

I did not want to write anything about September 11th because many do it much better than I, and it is often a deeply personal issue. I did not lose anyone (though I know someone who still has her subway pass from a few minutes prior to the event). Yet, I sat at home last night trying to get my newborn to sleep, and I watch the Presdient’s speech, which I thought was less that what I wanted, and then I watch a reply of a reply of Keith Olbermann where he gave a Special Comment on 9/11 five years later. Now I watch Mr. Olbermann from time to time mostly because I keep hoping Dan Patrick will pop up and the two will discuss baseball, so I was familiar with Mr. Olbermann’s angry style. Yet the most disgraceful commentary ever given by a "reporter" was spoken by Mr. Olbermann last night. So I am writing an open letter to Mr. Olbermann.

Dear Mr. Olbermann,

I listened to your Special Comment about 9/11 last night. In this tirade of stupidity, Mr. Olbermann, you actually had a decent point, ‘when will new buildings be started, and shouldn’t it be more important to us.’ Yet, all of the extra accusations and unbelievably disrespectful comments from you made me wish the television would explode, or at least some editor would end your rant. I disagree with going into Iraq, and I disagree with the President’s Nazis comparison, I disagree with a lot of what President Bush is doing, but to call him an "opportunistic", "dilettante" and an "idiot" just seems to cross the line. Mr. Olbermann, you even going so far as to say that going to war in Iraq is an impeachable offense! As if impeachment is a way to solve disagreement on policy. Conveniently, Mr. Olbermann, you have forgotten that the Senate supported the war, not in a close partisan vote as you imply, but by an overwhelming majority that few ever see. Where is your anger for the Senate who waived the Constitutional duty to declare war, and just gave the President unlimited power and then cry about it? Where is your anger for those who just went along with the ride into Iraq and now want to use it for their political gain, and any lives lost because of their political victory are of no importance, especially if they are Iraqi lives?

But wait, Mr. Olbermann, your fraud is not done. Showing us what a great reporter you are, you decided that the Path to 9/11 miniseries shown on ABC was "created, influenced -- possibly financed by -- the most radical and cold of domestic political Machiavellis," who you implied was Karl Rove. Great reporting there thanks for all the proof. It is hard to believe a person sitting at a news desk could have so little conscience for the truth. It is hard to believe that someone who not two minutes earlier had talked of impeachment for a President who did things without proof, could make the same blunder. Of course you do not stop, you go on to misrepresent the miniseries by stating, "the whole sorry story blurred, by spin, to make the party out of office seem vacillating and impotent, and the party in office, seem like the only option." I watched the Path to 9/11, and it made both administrations look weak. Yes, President Clinton looked like he was surrounded by a bunch of dummies, but the first thing the Bush administration does is demote the one man taking Bin Laden seriously and then fire the only FBI agent getting anything done. Hardly a positive spin. Not to mention to pathetic view of Dick Cheney and Mrs. Rice on the actual day of the planes crashing into our buildings on September 11th, that day which you say should never by spun. But of course what were you doing, Mr. Olbermann? Nothing more than spinning that very day in order to score some points with ratings, which are usually not as good as Nick at Night reruns.

Mr. Olbermann, you rant and rave about the President’s lies and half-truths while giving nothing but lies and half-truths yourself. You claim to be a reporter while you spent the entire time making up your own story regardless of the facts. And you pull it all off with a tone and arrogance that few have ever accomplished. Five years ago, Mr. Olbermann, you say you were trying to make sense of it all, well, let me help. You, Mr. Olbermann, are an incompetent who has no right being on TV or pretending to distrubute news. I will be writing to MSNBC and asking them to do the only proper thing, and fire you. Either produce the proof of all your accusations like funding the Disney miniseries, or fire the man who lied to the American public about it. MSNBC has serious journalists like Tucker Carlson and Chris Matthews, but you, Mr. Olbermann, are not one of them.