Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Pope - Politician or Preacher

This is a sad story to see. The Pope quoted an old emperor who thought that everything that Mohommed taught that was new, was evil. The Pope did not endorse this idea, but he also did not condemn it. The response from the Arab world was swift. They condemned the Pope for his anti-Islam speech even though these same countries fail to condemn suicide bombings, terrorism, and other atrocities committed in the name of Islam. Oh and do not forget that all of these countries make a sport of condemning Israel.

But what is really sad about this story is not the predictable response from a religion that does indeed teach evil. What is sad is the Pope’s response.

"The Holy Father thus sincerely regrets that certain passages of his address could have sounded offensive to the sensitivities of the Muslim faithful," Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone said in a statement.

What?! Why? Why should the head of the Roman church be sorry he upset Muslims, a religion out to kill him and his church? Perhaps the Pope should be trying to offend some Muslims. The cross of Christ is an offense (Galatians 5:11). One should expect Muslims to be offended when you tell them that Mohommed was a false prophet, and converted people by the sword. But, they need to hear it. They need to be told that God has a Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. They need to be told that war, terrorism, and the sword are not the way to heaven, but only through the blood of Jesus. One cannot expect works to be weighed and have any result other than death, damnation, and hell. This is the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Repent of your sin, and believe on Him. The Pope does not say that, nor does he wish to offend any Muslims. Every Roman Catholic around the world should now clearly see that the head of their ‘church’ is a mere politician and not a preacher. He cares more for his seat at the international table than for the seat of St. Peter. He cares more for political correctness than correct theology. He cares more for the good will of Muslim ambassadors than he does for the good of the souls of those trapped in Islam. And that fact makes this a sad story indeed.


SusieakaSue said...

I am sorry to say that I have to agree with you. The pope should not apologize once he said it.
However, I wonder at the wisdom of the comments, if he knew that it would have been reported.
Most muslims believe that all Christians are Roman Catholic, to inflame these radical people was unwise. Especially since he put Christian lives in danger, who live in lands ruled by muslims, or where muslims are the majority of the population.
He is protected in the vatican, by distance, by police, by armies if necessary, but the poor Christians who live in muslm lands...
They have no security guards to protect them, no army to keep them safe from radicals and many times not even a police force. It was as if he were deliberatly trying to throw fuel on the flames.

Andrew said...

"It was as if he were deliberatly trying to throw fuel on the flames."

What else do you expect antichrist to do?

Pope and Mohammed are just two different flavors of evil.

Jay said...

Without defending Roman Catholic doctrines, I don't think it is necessarily inappropriate for the Pope to issue a carefully-worded apology in these circumstances. His words have provoked violence that, as I understand it, have resulted in at least one nun being killed. Certainly, there is no excuse for such killings, but if a clarification and an apology for unintended offense can prevent them, shouldn't the Pope offer one?

The gospel is an offense, but I don't think you're saying that it always needs to be presented offensively (you say "perhaps" the Pope shoudl try to offend Muslims). Paul's presentation of the gospel at Mars Hill was couched in terms that his listeners could understand, and seems to have caused more debate than offense. Jesus was strategic about his proclamation of the kingdom as well, warning his followers not to tell the wrong people about his message so as to avoid causing violence before the proper time. So it seems to me that someone whose words have provided an excuse for violence, however unjustified, can apologize for those words if in so doing he does not compromise the truth (and it does not seem to me that the portion of the Pope's apology you quoted is error in itself).

Lee said...

I agree he probably should not have made the comments in the first place. Especially since he seems to tear down but not build up. It is always dangerous to lay plain the sin without a proclimation of salvation from sin.

Every Christian in a Muslim land is in danger and no words from anyone are needed for that to be true. Take a look at Darfur for example. Perhaps he should have never said the comments, but once you say Mohommed taught evil, and then the Muslims respond with evil acts over and over again, it seems wrong to apologize no matter how carefully worded it is. Why not call for the Muslims to stop murdering Christians rather than hope they stop by apologizing? It is very upsetting to see the news media report this, and the Vatican react, as if this really is a case of people protesting some sort of wrong. That Emperor he quoted was right on target, and the Islamic reaction proves his point. You will never see that in print thanks the last round of Islamic murderous riots, which involved newspaper cartoons. Soon everyone will be so afraid of causing riots in the Middle East we will only be able to spout their views in public. The Pope should have taken a tougher stand once he made the comments. A nun died and that is a shame, but I bet that many nuns, priests, and parishoners died prior to his speech as well.

angelsinger64 said...

I have issues with this whole thing Lee. We ran this story for the past few nights, and I had to laugh to myself. He just quoted someone, from the 14th century I have to add, saying they were "evil and inhuman". That's like men back in the day saying that women were more stupid because they have smaller brains. Do you see women in an uproar? (ok, the 60's could count, but that's not my point). Then the Muslims go on this protest and an Indian woman was quoted saying, "the only thing that will help this is a jihad" Hmmm....yeah, muslims are not evil and inhuman, they just like to cause riots and make "holy wars"....STUPID!!!