Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Convention Thoughts

It never fails that the Republicans run against the media and the Democrats run against America. The Democrats fail to understand that constantly appealing to the UN, touring Germany, and never being proud of America does mean that you are not quite putting country first and will be perceived as unpatriotic. The Republicans always fail to understand that they will never get a conservative media as long as they continue to ruthlessly pound the media. Although I have to admit it is funny to watch the media get offended and write cranky thing and say cranky things. Every time Tom Brokaw says that he and his colleagues will "try to get by" it makes me laugh. Especially since you can tell he is serious.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your points on this one - almost. I think the Republicans enjoy running against the media to an extent. Most of the U.S. understands the liberal bias of the highly paid media with their classic educations at very expensive liberal schools. And, despite their questions, most of them live very isolated, pampered life's! Of course, so do most politicians in both parties.

Term limits is the only way to return control of the Country to the working class where most of us exist. I say no more professional politicians. Change the Constitution to limit terms,lengthen terms in the House to 3years and stagger the election so we are electing one third each year.