Saturday, September 13, 2008

Why College Football is broken

USC has beaten Ohio State. Sports fans are now going to have to put up with USC is the greatest dynasty of all time talk again. Let us remember that USC only has one legitimate national championship, and that a disputed one. They won one AP title out of spite for the BCS system not because they were actually better than LSU. They won the next year in the BCS although Auburn went undefeated and was left out of the BCS title game out of spite for the SEC. Utah was also undefeated. The next year USC lost to Texas ending their run. Last year they were overrated losing multiple games just to prove it. Of course I will not mention the allegations of paying Reggie Bush to play football. USC is a good football team because they are able to recruit up and down the west coast with no competition. UCLA and the rest of the PC-10 are a joke. Thus, every good football player in California ends up at USC (probably for a good signing bonus). This is not the case in other big states like Florida, which has a legitimate 5 colleges to choose from, and Texas where there are at least 3 big programs to take up quality players. Even Alabama has two big time schools. Something to remember.

But more important than that is the fact that USC will now run the PAC-10 and be in the national title game for sure. But, there are non-BCS schools that are better and play in better conferences. The announcers for the game mentioned what a joke the Big 10 had become thanks to two embarrassing beat downs put on Ohio State in National Championship games. Both to the SEC I might add. Throw in Michigan getting beaten by Appy St. and you have a conference that is a joke. But, the real bias of the announcers is in the fact that they do not see that the rest of the BCS conferences are a joke too. The SEC is okay. The Big 12 has two good teams, which makes them deeper than the ACC, the Big 10, the Pac 10, and the Big East. Just as a refresher course, I should remind everyone that Utah went undefeated a few years ago wining a BCS bowl game. Boise St., of the Western Athletic Conference, conference went undefeated and beat Oklahoma of the Big-12 in a BCS bowl, two years ago. Hawaii, also of the Western Athletic Conference, also went undefeated, but they lost their BCS bowl game. Little conferences have a winning track record against the BCS conferences. Let me just start this year with East Carolina from non-BCS Conference USA. They beat the defending ACC champ and the defending Big East champ in back to back weeks. Surely that says something about East Carolina and Conference USA. The Mountain West Conference is even better. BYU is now 2-0 against the Pac-10. They beat Washington and this week put a 59-0 beat down on UCLA, who beat Tennessee from the SEC in week 1. But, do not stop at BYU. Utah beat Michigan of the Big 10 in week 1 and New Mexico beat Arizona, from the Pac-10, tonight. UNLV is only down three at halftime to Arizona State, nationally ranked from the Pac-10, at the time of writing this post. Is the Pac-10 really a better conference than the Mountain West? These games are not being played in the Mountain West home stadiums you can count on that. The Western Athletic Conference continues its tradition this year as Fresno State beat Big East hopeful Rutgers on national TV earlier this year. Louisiana Tech, surprisingly of the WAC, also beat Mississippi State of the SEC in week 1. The MAC (Mid Athletic Conference) is also flexing its muscle since Akron (currently second to last in the conference standings) beat Syracuse of the BCS Big East in week 2. Bowling Green of that same conference, and with the same record as Akron, beat then nationally ranked Pittsburgh of the Big East. They did lose this week to the aforementioned Boise State of the Western Athletic Conference. Do we really think that the Big East is a better conference than the MAC? Surely not. The games on the field say no.

Yet, the announcers will continue to support the BCS. And if they do favor some playoff system it is poll based and not just putting the champs from each conference into the playoff. No, they want two or three teams from these so-called ‘power conferences’ because these conferences send them the most promotional material. It is ridiculous to watch people neglect the obvious truth. The BCS conferences are all a joke.