Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Party Differences on Display

The financial bailout that seems to be looming of many investment banks is a good time to see the state of the Republican and Democratic Parties. The only real difference is where the increased power of the federal government will go. Will it go to the Executive branch as the Republicans like to do? Or will it go to the Legislative branch as the Democrats like to do? The few conservative voices that reject the idea of a bailout at all are few and far in-between proving once and for all that the two parties are basically the same. So the real question you have to ask yourself in this election is whether or not you want the President to be stronger than Congres or Congress stronger than the President.


Jenny Jo Johnson said...

Amen! I say to Hades with both the power-to-the-Pres and the power-to-the-Congress plans. Give the power (and their own money) to the PEOPLE!

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