Thursday, September 25, 2008

An Political Earthquake among Third Parties

One last thought about Third Parties before I resume regularly scheduled blogging. Every now and again something comes along that is ignored by the major parties, but not by the American people and the Third Party becomes a major party. Note the Republican Party was once a localized third party that never even appeared on the ballot in most Southern States. They ran a candidate for President in 1856, but failed miserably. All the Whig Party had to do was reject slavery’s expansion into the west and the Republican Party would have dried up and gone away. They didn’t and the rest they say is history.

Well, this recent economic downturn might just might shed light on the big government-free spending-punish the taxpayer-socialist leanings of both parties. Which would open the door for Third Party asking for a return to the free market-low tax-small government way America was meant to run. It will have to be a party that holds to its convictions despite pressure. Thus, the big winner from all of this might be the Constitutional Party. They did the one thing that the Republican Party would not do, the Green Party did not do, and the Libertarian Party would not do. The Constitution Party did not choose their candidate based on who would win the most votes. McCain was clearly a pick based on electability. Cynthia McKenny and Bob Barr are both picks designed around who can win, not who supports the ideology of the party since both are very recent converts to those parties. The Constitution Party selected Chuck Baldwin, a sure-fire loser, and rejected a bigger name in Alan Keyes, who is a recent convert to the Constitutional Party.

The reason they may very well be the big winner is the force of rogue Republican Ron Paul. Paul raised millions without effort during the campaign and recorded votes on the floor of the convention, which was an unusual occurrence that did not get much media attention. Paul was planning on staying neutral and endorsing no one which was a loss for McCain, but served the Libertarian Party just fine. However, things have changed and Paul has endorsed Baldwin and the Constitutional Party. Note the number of responses and this was posted on Wed. Paul has a massive following that is now directed to vote for Baldwin. Expect a huge leap in the numbers the Constitutional Party receives. Expect Bob Barr’s campaign to wither and die with this explicit rejection.

I know this did not even make the news and is probably not even a blip on the radar screen of most people; however, for a Third Party junkie like myself, this was some pretty ground breaking news.


Anonymous said...

You might find this up-and-coming third party interesting.

Also, a minor point from their issues page:

Church/State Separation

Don't mess with Christmas. While our members range from deeply religious to completely secular, we are realistic. We follow the rule that the government must not fund religious activities. However, the business of forcing Christmas trees and reindeer ornaments off of city hall property is ridiculous. At the same time, government cannot favor one religion over others. So long as all other religions have equal access to display their holiday symbols, we see no problems.

Andrew said...

Your optimism is commendable, but I think it is a hopeless cause. Even if a political revolution, of sorts, could be accomplished, even with a mindless electorate, a wreckless media, and the fortunes needed to win elections, a third party would very soon become entrenched and just as corrupt as the two we have now. Everyone complains about politicians, yet we keep electing them. I don't think this will change. It is the system that is the problem. It no longer works in today's society.